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RAD Video Android / iOS App

RAD Video is an authorised application of the Royal Academy of Dance and contains video content from the RAD’s Graded and Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance for the study and development of RAD teachers and students. These syllabi challenge students to meet the highest technical and artistic demands of current ballet training and performance, while also providing a way to find enjoyment, achievement and self-expression through dance. Each title can be purchased individually within the application, and the video content replicates that seen on the DVDs available for sale through the RAD Canada Web Shop. Video content is then downloaded to your device, for viewing offline at your leisure. Further titles will be uploaded to this application for download over time.

  • Pre-Primary in Dance (male/female) ©2008
  • Primary in Dance (male/female) ©2008
  • Grade 1 Ballet (male/female) ©2011
  • Grade 2 Ballet (male/female) ©2011
  • Grade 3 Ballet (male/female) ©2011
  • Grade 4 Ballet (male/female) ©2013
  • Grade 5 Ballet (male/female) ©2013
  • Grades 6-7 Ballet (male) ©2014
  • Intermediate Foundation Ballet (male/female) ©2010
  • Intermediate Ballet (male/female) ©2010
  • Advanced Foundation Ballet (male/female) ©2013
  • Advanced 1 Ballet (male/female) ©2015
  • Advanced 2 Ballet (female) ©2013
  • Advanced 2 Ballet (male) ©2015
  • Discovering Repertoire Level 2 (male/female) ©2017
  • Discovering Repertoire Level 3 (male/female) ©2017
  • Discovering Repertoire Level 4 (male/female) ©2017